Application Process

Interested SMEs are required to complete the application form.

Applicants can also seek to collaborate on either product development or product evaluation projects with academics at LSBU. You will be prompted to complete a second application for the advanced support upon completion of the below form.

Application Form

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SimDH applications will open on Friday 22nd October 2021. To receive a notification when applications open, please complete our Expression of Interest form.

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Product Development

SMEs seeking support with product development (hardware, software, AI) from LSBU’s School of Engineering as part of the SimDH programme should also complete this form.

Product Development


SMEs seeking to collaborate on projects evaluating their product/service should complete this form. Please note if you are applying for evaluation your product should be developed at least to MVP.


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Complete our short expression of interest form to check your eligibility. A member of our team will be in touch to discuss your support options.

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Eligibility Criteria

To get access to all that SimDH has to offer you must:

  • Have received less than €200,000 State Aid within the last 3 years;
  • Be a start-up or SME with less than 250 employees;
  • Be a digital health business - a business which relies on technology as an advantage in its products or processes and is operating in or looking to trade in the health & wellbeing sector;
  • Be a businesses registered in Greater London, or registered elsewhere in the UK with an operational address within Greater London (co-working spaces and virtual offices are fine with us). Sole traders may also apply.
Deadline Monday 3rd May


Man in VR headset reaching out


Well done on your successful application to join the SimDH programme. We’re excited to have you as part of the upcoming cohort. So that we are able to satisfy our funders and to provide you with a range of valuable support free of charge, we need you to complete a registration form. This is the final step in joining the programme.

Registration Form

Programme Journey

We endeavour to provide your business with a seamless journey throughout your time receiving support as part of the SimDH Programme.  

As part of the programme, SMEs will receive access to group workshops, and one to one business consultancy support with external consultants and/or specialist organisations. As part of the SimDH Programme support you will have the opportunity to apply for Academic collaboration from the Schools of Business, Health and Social Care, Applied Sciences or the Engineering for product development, evaluation or launch support.

The scope of academic collaboration may include technical support in the development of your product or service, or research projects to independently evaluate your product for usability, safety and/or efficacy (please refer to the SimDH Academic collaboration process flow chart for more detailed information regarding academic collaboration).

SimDH programme requires SMEs to engage on the programme through monthly one-to-one sessions with mentors, consultants and subject matter experts focused on your priorities, alongside workshops delivered across a range of topics, and monthly progress meetings with a member of the SimDH delivery team. Through this we commit to providing a minimum of 12 hours’ support to each SME per cohort, although we expect this to be much higher and largely depends on how much you engage with the support on offer.

Click below to view the programme journey, from application to programme completion.

Programme Journey

Media & PR Materials

Here you can find all the resources you need to publicise your place on the SimDH Cohort on your social media profiles and websites, as well as the link to our Slack group.

Follow the steps below and we look forward to connecting with you.

1. Press Release

We have created a news story template and some image options that you can personalise and upload onto your website.
Story Template
Article Image
SimDH Background

2. Social Media

In this file, you can find template posts for Twitter, Linkedin and Instagram, along with images to download and utilise.
We recommend creating a bit.ly link to your news story to share on social media.
Post Template
Image - LinkedIn
Image - Instagram
Image - Facebook
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3. Use Your Participation Badge

Use this badge on your website homepage, footer or partner pages, as well as in your email banner, to show you've been selected for an exclusive accelerator programme.

4. Add Us on Social Media

Tag us in any posts you'd like us to share or news you'd like us to know (and of course we follow our members back).

5. Join the Slack Group

Get to know your cohort peers better over our new Slack Group, where you can also share stories, news and ask questions for weigh-ins from other entrepreneurs.
Slack Group

5. Keep in Touch

If you have any news (such as awards, funding received or anything else you'd like to spread the word about), milestones or impact to share, please email hello@sbi.business to ensure you make it into newsletters.

Academic Collaboration

On the SimDH programme, we work with academics from the Schools of Business, Health and Social Care, Applied Sciences and Engineering. SMEs that are engaged with academic collaboration projects can receive support in the development or evaluation of their product with these schools.

The scope of academic collaboration may include technical support, software development or research projects to independently evaluate your product for usability, safety and/or efficacy.

Projects can be on a prototype, aimed to build or evaluate functionality with a view to launching to market. Alternatively, projects can be on products that are already launched to market to independently demonstrate efficacy and safety. All projects, in line with SimDH programme outputs, must lead to an output of new product, process or service to your business. Additionally, where there is scope to do so, the research team will seek to write up the project findings as a research paper to be submitted for publication.

Once a business has submitted an application for academic collaboration, the key steps from receiving the application to completing delivery of work on a successful project are outlined below:

Flowchart of academic collaboration

Cohort Activity

All Events
Fractional IP: Intellectual Property
June 16, 2021
SEHTA: Marketing & Commercialisation Strategies for Digital Health Companies
July 6, 2021
SEHTA: Developing for the NHS App Library
July 13, 2021
MedCity: Evidence Generation and Canvas for Evidence
July 14, 2021
MedCity: Understanding the Healthcare Eco-System
October 27, 2021
SEHTA: Introduction to the Digital Health Landscape in the UK & Overseas
January 18, 2022
SEHTA: Understanding the NHS structure, drivers and priorities
January 25, 2022
SEHTA: Strategy & Business Model for Digital Health Technology Businesses
February 8, 2022
SEHTA: Business Models for Health Tech Companies
March 2, 2022
SEHTA: Standards Strategy for Digital Health Companies
March 8, 2022
SEHTA: Developing a Value Proposition for the NHS
April 12, 2022
SEHTA: Navigating procurement and frameworks for digital health companies
May 10, 2022
SEHTA: Public Sector Funding
May 17, 2022