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Sustainable Innovation is not currently recruiting. Please complete the expression of interest form below to be notified when applications open later in the year.

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Application Process

Interested SMEs should complete the below form, which allows us to capture your contact details and check eligibility. You will then be asked to complete the 'Academic collaboration Application Form' to help us understand your technical requirements and challenges.  
Applications will be assessed as they are received. SMEs will be invited for scoping meetings on a first come, first served basis.

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Eligibility Criteria

To get access to all that Sustainable Innovation has to offer you must:

  • Have received less than €200,000 State Aid within the last 3 years;
  • Be a start-up or SME with less than 250 employees;
  • Be a company developing a low carbon product, process or service;
  • Be a businesses registered in Greater London, or registered elsewhere in the UK with an operational address within Greater London (co-working spaces and virtual offices are fine with us). Sole traders may also apply.
Deadline Monday 3rd May


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Well done on your successful application to join the Sustainable Innovation programme!

Sustainable Innovation is made up of two ERDF (European Regional Development Fund) projects, Access to Innovation and Low-Carbon London (also known as A2i and LCLDN). We are excited to welcome members of both projects to this new cohort.

So that we are able to satisfy our funders and to provide you with a range of valuable support free of charge, we need you to complete a registration form. This is the final step in joining the programme.

Registration Form

Programme Journey

We endeavour to provide your business with a seamless journey throughout your time receiving support as part of the Sustainable Innovation Programme.  

The SI programme requires SMEs to engage on the programme through regular one-to-one meetings with your academic project team. We are committed to providing a minimum of 12 hours’ support to each SME per cohort, although we expect this to be much higher and largely depends on your stage of development and current needs.

Outlined below is a user journey for SMEs, from application to programme completion.

Academic Collaboration

Projects can range from a design or literature review, to building or evaluating functionality of a prototype. All projects, in line with Sustainable Innovation's Outputs, aim to support you to deliver a new product, process or service to your business. Additionally, where there is scope to do so, the research team will seek to write up the project findings as a research paper to be submitted for publication.

Please refer to the academic collaboration process flow chart for more detailed information.

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