Try alternative ways to feel calm and focused

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For adults aged 18 - 25
November 2020 - January 2021

About the study

Receive up to £55 by wearing a new device for 8 weeks.

The device you'll be testing for 8 weeks is shown on an arm in front of cityscape.

Eligibility - you must: 

  • Live in the UK,
  • Be between 18 - 25 years old,
  • Have an ADHD diagnosis, and
  • Own a smartphone.

About the study

You'll receive a wearable device (worth £175) along with instructions for downloading a companion app to your smart phone. You'll be contacted by researchers in weeks 4 and 8 of the trial.

Afterwards, you'll receive up to £55 by PayPal.

I'm in!

Brilliant. Now comes the fun bit ... Please read the right hand column, then, when you are ready, click the below button to join the experiment!

Need more information? We understand. Press the 'Request Call Back' button, input your information and a member of our research team will be in touch to answer any questions you may have.


You will need to provide some demographic information and complete a questionnaire.

This will take between 10-20 minutes to complete. Unfortunately, you won't be able to return to the survey once you begin it so we recommend getting comfortable.

Once you've completed the survey, our researchers will confirm your eligibility before contracting you to send the device. It's yours to use for 8 weeks. You'll need to download an app to set up the device so please be prepared for this.

You will be sent some questions half way through the study (four weeks from receiving the device), and some questions at the end of the study.

Once you've completed your 8 weeks, you'll then receive £55 via paypal (but you will need to return the device).

Study Details:
Study title: EDiAF: Evaluating [Device’s] impact on Anxiety and Focus amongst adults with ADHD

LSBU UEP number:  ETH1920-0052.