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Co-funded by the European Regional Development Fund, the London Agri-Food Innovation Clinic supports and promotes research and innovation in London's food businesses.

Each participant will receive an initial one-to-one consultation with LAFIC staff to better understand their business needs.  From this we can develop a customised program to meet your innovation goals.

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Our Support

The programme is split up in to two areas: Business Support and Innovation Support. Each is designed to provide the appropriate assistance at the appropriate development stage - ensuring continuous, monitored progress.

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Business Support

80% of new businesses fail within their first year. That's why we support businesses with a range of courses.

Once you’ve completed 12 hours of training, you’re able to apply for further innovation support.

Areas include:

Intellectual property
Business Model Development
Financial Modelling
Funding and Investment
Building a Brand
Market Research – Understanding Your Audience
Commercialising Your Innovation
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Innovation Support

Prototyping is an essential element of taking a product to market, and is fundamental to your journey as an innovator.

Our prototype modelling process is unique to the local product design landscape. You'll receive expert advice on the design and manufacture of your product, for free, and keep 100% of the IP.


Academic Consultancy
Meeting Legal Standards and Labelling Requirements
Product Feasibility Testing
Planning, Conducting and Evidencing Your Clinical Claims
Product Development

Upcoming Events

Join us to learn and upskill yourself, your staff and your business
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Supporting you
through the pandemic

We've set up new processes and procedures to ensure you're safe. We've also moved much of our support online.

Shorter Sessions

We understand the issues of webinar-fatigue, that's why we've shortened our sessions to ensure you get the same content in less time.

Frequent Contact

We provide regular contact and feedback sessions so that you can consistently progress despite Covid-19.

Research & Development

Research and development projects are still proceeding in a Covid-safe environment.

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Dream big and engage your customer early on in the development process.

Dr. Adri Bester – Lead Academic