Lisa Murphy

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Jemima Heard
October 29, 2020

I don't have a typical day... Every day is very different, although I always try to fit in a run and the Guardian crossword. My work involves everything from running workshops, carrying out user research, collaborating with SMEs, developing tech policy and standards.... and while I'm always busy I love having the opportunity to work across such a range of areas.

Lisa on collaboration in the Digital Health sector

I enjoy working with Digital Health SMEs because... as a medical student I was very involved with organisations working on health inequalities, and developed a particular expertise for training and up skilling others – so I really enjoy delivering workshops and teaching sessions, and then seeing participants put their new knowledge into practice.

The experience I'm bringing to the SimDH programme is... I have worked in the NHS as a clinical doctor, as well as on its strategic functions and policy implementation related to health technology. I've worked on health technology at an international level too, including for the World Health Organisation. I'm also a fellow of Newspeak House, where I've worked with a range of 'tech for good' SMEs and organisations - gaining further experience in designing and deploying ethical and purposeful technology.

Lisa gives her top tip for SMEs developing new products

I think it's important for academic institutions and enterprise to work together because... there are so many benefits to improving our collective intelligence, accelerating innovation in both health technology and the ways we evidence and regulate it. By working together, and in the open, we can increase the impact of digital health interventions along with the confidence of patients and the health system in engaging with them.

My top-tip for an SME developing a new product is ... be humble. Yes, you need to have the confidence to believe in your product and drive it forward, but working to understand what you don't know or what you can't do will always help you deliver a better and safer product for users.

If I didn't work in Digital Health, I would be... a park ranger. I love being outside and working with nature, so I think I'd like to work in conservation.

My specialise subject on MasterMind would be ... I read a lot so would like to say an area of literature – but to be honest I'd probably do best on the US Office television show!

My favourite way to spend my free time is ... rock climbing – and I've been exploring more and more of the UK in recent years to do this.

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