Celebrating Black Entrepreneurship: Meet Dr Mohamed Alibashe of HealthMe

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September 30, 2021

Everyone is living in a mobile world, and in today's digital world, there are apps for almost anything. In fact, whether it's social networking or other useful tools, many professional businesses are beginning to rely extensively on apps. The same may be said about the medical field. There is an app — in fact, several — that can help you become a better medical practitioner, whether you're a nurse, doctor, physician's assistant, or surgeon.

In the last several years, the use of mobile healthcare apps has exploded in the UnitedKingdom. The market is dynamic and has potential for growth and expansion as it develops into a vibrant ecosystem.

The market for healthcare apps has grown significantly, with over 318,000 apps available. The number of healthcare applications has nearly doubled since 2015. According to recent statistics, around 200 apps are now being added every day.

The global market for healthcare mobile app development was estimated to be around £29 billion in 2017. Before the Covid-19 pandemic, it was predicted to reach a whopping £74 billion by 2023. Increased smartphone penetration, as well as significant investments in digital health, are the primary drivers behind this expansion.

About HealthMe

HealthMe is one of the greatest representatives of how mobile app can help doctors to offer the best care possible to the patients. HealthMe is developing an AI-powered platform that automatically generates medical reports. Their goal is to use their technology to give back time to doctors and improve the patient-doctor relationship by giving patients instant access to their medical records.

While collaborating with our SimDH Programme, HealthMe benefited from SEHTA workshops & one-to-ones with Dr David Parry, and Neil Roberts. They have since scoped further potential for a paid collaboration between HealthMe and LSBU with a South Bank Innovation Business Development Manager.

For Black History Month, we reached out to HealthMe Founder, Dr Mohamed Alibashe, to find out more about his experience as a Black Entrepreneur.

About Dr Mohamed Alibashe

Dr Alibashe is a digestive surgeon, Scientist and Entrepreneur with extensive medical and entrepreneurial experience. He has expertise in digital health, oncology, immunology and transplantation. He has published and co-authored numerous high-impact scientific articles and book chapters and is regularly invited as a key speaker at international congresses.

Dr Mohamed Alibashe, Founder of HealthMe

Hello Dr Mohamed, Tell us a little about yourself?

I’m Mohamed, a digestive surgeon, a scientist and an entrepreneur. I use my skills and expertise to drive impactful Healthcare innovations that aim to change the lives of thousands.

Describe your innovation in a sentence?

An AI-powered platform that tackles the burden of medical documentation and reduces doctor’s burnout.

How did you discover the issue that your innovation addresses?

I first discovered the issue during med school and through my internships. Now, everyone is familiar with the image of the doctor hunched over his computer during the consultation.

What stage are you at in product development?

We have a prototype that is being tested in clinical environment close to expected performances.

What’s next for you and your business?

Finalising all the technical processes and systems to support commercial activity. Raise pre-seed funding to support our growth.

What is your top tip for other People of Colour developing new products?

Think big and act accordingly.

Finally, which person, living or dead, would you invite to dinner and why?

Stéphane Bancel, to understand his mindset and vision when he decided to leave his position of CEO of Biomerieux, a global in-vitro diagnostic player with +$1b sales and commercial, to join an unknown startup called Moderna in 2011.

Want to know more about HealthMe? Head to www.healthme.ai.

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