Celebrating Black Entrepreneurship: Meet Dona Bayounguissa

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Mariam Katamadze
September 29, 2021

All human beings can make an impact bigger than themselves. The core principle of IMPACT coaching is that an individual achieves deep transformative impact when they tap into their innate wisdom and ability, initiates their own change and growth process, and holds themselves accountable for their insights, actions, and outcomes. There are numerous advantages to participating in the coaching process, such as an increased confidence, improved work performance, and improved communication skills.

The Coaching Industry

According to the 2020 ICF Global Coaching Study, there were roughly 71,000 coach practitioners worldwide in 2019, a 33 percent increase from the 2015 projection. Other Industry reports say the Coaching Industry's estimated market size was £10 billion in 2019 and is expected to reach £15 billion by 2022.

There’s never been a better time or more need for coaching across the world.

About Blue Spiral Motion

Blue Spiral Motion are on a mission to promote mental and spiritual well-being, whilst also democratising personal development. They believe that, when people are happy, they are more likely to do good.

Every person has the ability to have an impact that is greater than their own. And Impact Coaching is what Blue Spiral Motion does: working with the under valued, neglected, and outsiders who are actually crucial people capable of making a bigger difference on this planet. With Impact Coaching, Blue Spiral Motion enable people to use the power of data and technology enable more people to improve their lives and realise their full potential in order to make the world a better place.

Blue Spiral Motion worked with our SimDH Programme's first cohort, where they benefitted from business coaching and a range of workshops.

About Donya Bayounguissa

Dona Bayounguissa is a Concious Tech Entrepreneur who’s passionate about empowering individuals to make positive shifts in their lives.

After beginning her career as an eDiscovery lawyer and data analyst, Dona developed a passion for data vis, tech and AI, as well humanitarian affairs, personal development and spirituality.

On top of her law degrees, Dona is also an author, an app designer, a certified Yoga Teacher, an Elite Life Coach and has served as an ambassador for the World Consciousness Forum.

Dona draws inspiration and approaches from ancient wisdom as well as African, Eastern and Western Philosophies to inform her Impact Coaching.

For Black History Month, we spoke to Dona Bayounguissa, Founder of Blue Spiral Motion, to discuss her product and her experience as a Black woman in coaching industry. 

Hello Dona, please tell us a little about yourself?

I am a Conscious Tech entrepreneur meaning that I am working on projects aiming to use technology to empower people. During my career as an eDiscovery lawyer and data analyst in the financial sector, I developed a passion for data visualisation, technology, and artificial intelligence. Global citizen passionate about humanitarian affairs, personal development, and spirituality, I am also a certified Life Coach specialising in Impact Coaching: Empowering global change-makers to trigger positive revolutions in the microcosm of their own lives and the macrocosm of the world.

Blue Spiral Motion Founder, Dona Bayonguissa
Describe your innovation in a sentence?

I help people remember who they are, their personal assets, and their potential at one glance so they can make better data-informed decisions in their lives.

How did you discover the issue that your innovation addresses?

When I trained as a Life Coach, I realised that most people make bad choices and decisions because they forget their assets, personality traits, purpose, values, and achievements. When facing the unknown, they forget what they already know: Who they are.

What stage are you at in product development?

I did the design of the Apps, and I even self-published a book to explain and test my business idea. When I finished writing my book, I realised that I needed to add a new feature to my apps to complete it. I am currently working on integrating that new element. My book is called The Infinite I: Awaken your Inner Leader by rewiring your Spirit-Mind-Body-World connection and will be released in October 2021.

What’s next for you and your business?

I believe that personal development is Global development. And that means that people’s well-being and insecurities have an impact on our Societies. It gave me the idea of creating a business of Intelligence in Personal development to help companies create empowering products and services.

What is your top tip for other People of Colour developing new products?

Be purpose-driven and aim to elevate others. Too many businesses are created to exploit and nurture other people’s insecurities. The consequence is that we end up in a society full of disempowered individuals. And when we need true leaders to bring our Societies forward, we do not find anyone. Be ambitious for humankind because when you elevate others, you elevate yourself.

What do you think is the most important issue that tech entrepreneurs should be addressing?

Tech entrepreneurs should empower people. Climate change, environmental, and social issues are created by Humans. But since we are part of the problems, we are also part of the solution. And our human potential is vast. We forget that we can do so much in our lives and the world. Yet, people would not have this consciousness if we keep letting technology innovation takeover our human responsibility by clearing our mess. We damage, and we build tech to fix the damage. But what about the reasons which caused the damages? As citizens in our communities, countries, and the world, we should be the change and stop creating that mess from the beginning.

Finally, which person, living or dead, would you invite to dinner and why?

My Ancestors. We would discuss about the global situation from their ancestral African / Kongo perspectives and we would remake the World where every race had an equal seat at the table.