Instagram versus reality: Authentic leadership when the stakes are high!

Nov 23, 2021 10:15 AM


Join this LAFIC & YFood series of events designed for Food & Drink businesses and learn how to make your business more sustainable.

Instagram versus reality? As leaders, we have a shining vision of the company we’d like to build. Yet when reality hits in a high growth business, with multiple and moving priorities and limited resources, it's easy to lose sight and let this slip.

It’s never been more important to lead authentically - to align your external image with your internal culture. Without this, you might be able to attract talent, but can you retain and get the best out of them?

A great company has a great and happy team behind it! This module will explore the practices and steps you can put in place from the offset to create psychological safety internally and ensure you build the team and culture your company needs for success!

Key Takeaways and Learnings:

  • What is psychological safety and why it’s important for businesses
  • The four steps to achieving a startup culture where people feel happy, safe and productive
  • What is “covering” and why it’s important to consider the implications of this for your business
  • The practices you can put in place to safeguard safety and trust building for team
  • What is covering-up and why it’s important to consider the implications of this for your business
  • How to develop your company values and culture to achieve your goals and build a resilient, thriving team

Hosted by Rosie Allimonos

Rosie Allimonos, Founder, Cultural Agility Sessions

Rosie Allimonos is the Founder of The Cultural Agility Sessions, an innovative company that helps organisations build their Cultural Intelligence through fun, open-minded and inspiring sessions.

They work in partnership with purpose-led companies to build more effective and engaged teams. Roise is a storyteller, technologist, Digital Disruption Coach and experienced Global Partnerships Executive.

Rosie has been a key member of the launch teams of some of the world’s most loved tech products. Most recently in the role of Global Digital Director with BBC Studios and formerly with Google, YouTube, Facebook and Instagram.

Date & Time

Tuesday, November 23, 2021
10:15 am
12:15 pm


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