The Role of Experts in Business

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Jemima Heard
4 Mins

When you run an SME there are never enough hours in the day, so business owners need to make their time count, but two-thirds of SME owners feel that there is at least one key area of business that they do not understand.

19% of owners turned to internet search engines when they were unsure, others turned to business website or networks (21%) or spoke to their friends or family (7%). Growth programmes can provide bespoke support to your business and tailor solutions to your exact problem.  

Jack of all trades

Of all the types of support offered by business growth programmes, mentoring is by far the most common (85%). Whether it’s marketing, accounting and finance or planning for the future, seeking expert advice can help you focus your efforts and guide you towards the route that allows you to spend more of your working hours doing the things that you love.

Ask the experts

You’ve built your product and launched your business on your own, but the success of your business will depend on whether you are getting the most out of your business. If you need to grow your team, fund your next steps or develop your skills our experts can help you to determine the next steps for your business and take some of the strain of running your business.

If you’re interested in getting expert advice then you can browse our programmes where you find workshops presented by industry leaders from across the business world.