Meet Sustainable Innovation's New Cohort

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Jemima Heard
3 mins

Sustainable Innovation supports London-based entrepreneurs to create new clean tech research, processes, products or services. The programme is funded by London South Bank University and the European Regional Development Fund.

The new cohort includes 20 businesses that are developing innovations that will reduce carbon emissions and help drive London's zero-carbon future.

"We are really excited about this cohort," said Programme Manager Ellen South. "We have some fantastic businesses, each with unique ideas and a real passion for sustainability."

In January 2021, NASA revealed that 2020 was the hottest year on record. The year saw massive climate disasters occur in Australia, and the US was also hit by a record number of major disasters.

Ellen South continues "Climate change is really beginning to have a noticeable effect. We believe that technology and creative thinking are key to protecting vulnerable communities going forward."

A study by King's College London has shown that London's air pollution levels led to almost 10,000 premature deaths in 2010, highlighting just how important these solutions are. The Sustainable Innovation programme hopes to support the output of 10 new products to market that will reduce the carbon output in the built environment and manufacturing industries by 2023.  

The new cohort will be following a three-month programme of regimented mentoring and collaboration opportunities.  

Meet the Cohort

Akshat Kulkarni, Orxa Grid

Orxa Grid is developing an analytics platform for optimising energy. Sustainable Innovation will be supporting with the software for a cloud-based B2B2C solution.

Alexander Fedotov, C2 Technology

C2 Technology aim to support businesses operating with pressurised gasses to reduce Co2 consumption. They are doing this by developing Modular Energy Conversion Systems, aiming to produce a low cost and high efficiency waste energy recovery system across a broad range of industry sectors.   

The Sustainable Innovation team are supporting the development of Standards of Procedure documents for the Modular Energy Conversion Systems components and sub-systems, which supports integration and validation of the system components.

Anele  Makhwaza, Igugu

Igugu’s overall aim is to improve the sustainability of Africa’s infrastructure projects through development of an advice tool to optimise the current transportation practice and minimise carbon emission in African ports. 

To support this goal, Sustainable Innovation will be looking at the environmental impacts of shipping, ports and data for the indexing of the ports’ energy efficiency and sustainable transition.  

Daoud  Himmo, Eco Find

Eco Find are aiming to develop a platform that connects suppliers of sustainable products to homeowners and contractors, promoting sustainable houses. 

Sustainable Innovation will be supporting Eco Find to advance their industry knowledge and business model to promote green buildings. This will help the business to introduce various components into their platform, including: life cycle assessment; siting and structure design efficiency; energy efficiency; materials sustainability; and waste reduction.  

Felix Wight, Repowering London

Repowering London empower communities to develop their own clean energy co-ops, and provide energy-saving and home retrofit advice.  

Sustainable Innovation will be developing a proof-of-concept for a central data collection system for in-home environmental sensors.  

Gizem  Akgun, Smart Design Formula

Smart Design Formula is looking to connect homeowners with constructors to empower them to  improve home efficiency, minimise cost, and make more sustainable decisions for their homes. 

Sustainable Innovation will provide technical support on the sustainable building market needs and support establishment of a platform to connect home owners and construction professionals.  

Jonathan Lodge, CEO & Founder, City Farm Systems

City Farm Systems’ automated greenhouse technology will solve the logistical issue of transporting fresh produce.

Sustainable Innovation will be helping them develop a product strategy for the educational agricultural robotics market.

Kevin Duffy, Founder, Winnow Solutions

Winnow uses technology to help commercial kitchens easily gather precise data about food waste in their business, and turn this into insights that can be used to drive change. Kitchens working with Winnow are typically able to drive 40-70% reductions in food waste by value.  

Sustainable Innovation will be working with Winnow Solutions to refine the electromagnetic performance of their hardware.

Kristen Tapping, Founder & CEO, Go Rolloe

Go Rolloe are creating innovative clean air solutions that can be integrated and retrofitted onto moving vehicles. The solution produces a by-product, which can be used for third-party products, such as roads or bricks.

Sustainable Innovation will be conducting a design review to support Go Rolloe to refine their product.  

Kristen is an LSBU Product Design graduate and has previously worked with LSBU’s School of Engineering to design her wheels.

Mohamed Habbani, Director, MIMAH

MIMAH offer tailored engineering and energy solutions and services with a focus on renewable energy system optimisation and efficiency improvement.  

Sustainable Innovation will be supporting MIMAH’s skilled engineers to enhance the efficiency of solar panels in extreme environments, considering temperature, humidity, rain, cloud and wind.  

Nicole  Stjernsward, KAIKU  Living Colour

KAIKU aim to utilise plant waste materials to create sustainable cosmetics.

Sustainable Innovation will investigate the chemical characterisation of extracts, and explore alternative extraction methods.  

Ousman Touray, Phioneers

Phioneers aim to improve sustainable architecture and engineering, particularly for housing in Gambia.

Sustainable Innovation will be conducting research into best practice in eco-friendly buildings. Due to the limited resources in Gambia, the project will consider the best use of waste materials for construction and assess their recyclability, aiming to provide sustainable and low cost housing.  

Oli Guei, Sounds of Earth

Sounds of Earth are working on a platform to provide information on climate events and issues. 

Sustainable Innovation are conducting a market analysis project into addressing climate major issues and challenges to allow users to stay updated on the climate change to inform development of the platform. Moreover, the programme is supporting Sounds of Earth to contribute to the adaption of green technology solutions by connecting technology seekers with technology providers around the world.  

Philippe Hohlfeld, The Good Food Revolution

The Good Food Revolution’s goal is to produce more sustainable and higher quality salad. 

Sustainable Innovation will be working on a software-based tracking system for crops from seed to shelf, allowing the business to receive fast and detailed consumer feedback on their products.  

Rob Russell, Botanico Design

Botanico Design aim to develop a domestic system for producing spirulina, removing the transportation, storage and packing elements of the supply chain.  

Sustainable Innovation will be supporting the development of new features for the product.  

Sustainable Innovation combines the funding of two ERDF programmes: A2i and LCLDN. Find out more about the programme and see previous case studies of our work at