Launching Kid's Snack Bars with ProYouth Nutrition

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Jemima Heard
5 minutes

We helped ProYouth to:

• Prove their Snack Bars contain 6 key nutrients and minerals to include on their labels;

• Take 3 new nutritious snack bars to market

• Show their Snack Bars have 19 health benefits

Since launching her product, ProYouth founder Marina Wegorek has been nominated for Food & Drink Entrepreneur of the Year with the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

ProYouth have also been able to hire marketing staff to support their growth efforts.

ProYouth Nutrition wanted to launch a range of nutrition-dense snack bars aimed at kids and young adults with very active lifestyles. They required the LAFIC team to turn their idea from a prototype into a product.

ProYouth’s founder, Marina Wegorek, joined LAFIC as a passionate mother of two active children, dreaming to make a difference in helping the next generation to make healthy food choices. Marina needed the LAFIC team's support to get her snack bars market-ready. She needed particular help establishing their brand identity and identifying if any legal nutrition claims can be made.

Three members of the LAFIC team spent a total of 22 hours working with the business. LAFIC also engaged two external consultants on behalf of ProYouth.

Support was in the shape of:

  • Business Diagnostics;
  • Expert advice on legislation surrounding Nutritional labelling and the use of nutrition claims;
  • Business Mentoring;
  • Procurement of ‘Best in Bag’ market insight report;
  • Macro and micro nutritional analyses from external laboratory, and interpretation of these results.
  • Advice and research evidence regarding key functions of specific nutrients within the formulation of the snack bar, and the roles they place in sports and exercise.

LAFIC also gave Marina access to an IP Consultant to help her make cost-effective decisions about branding ProYouth Nutrition snack bars.

The Results

ProYouth Nutrition are officially launching their range of nutritionally dense snack bars at the end of 2019;

LAFIC’s Structured group workshops gave ProYouth the opportunity to learn about industry-specific product development processes and best practice.

Micro-nutritional lab testing was completed to help ProYouth Nutrition to gain market differentiation.

Since launching, Marina has been able to hire a member of staff to help with ProYouths' marketing needs.

In July 2020, Marina was shortlisted for the title of Food & Drink Entrepreneur of the Year at the Great British Entrepreneur Awards.

Read more about Marina's journey as a LAFIC entrepreneur:

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I can’t express how truly valuable access to such expertise and support to a business is, to make their business dream a reality.
- Marina Wegorek