Strong Objectives Help You Achieve Your Goals

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Richard Howarth
3 Mins

Did you know just 50% of business that were founded in2012 were still operating in 2016? By 2017 this had dropped to just 42%.

If you are a business owner or thinking of starting a new venture, you may well be daunted by these numbers that show just tough it can be to survive.

Getting – and keeping - your business on track

You might have the perfect product, eager investors and boast a workforce full of the brightest and best that your industry has to offer, but without a strong plan in place, a growing business may struggle to harness these things and shape them into the thriving business that you want to be.  

Setting objectives and organising your growth is crucial to any ambitious young business. Not only can clear objectives ensure your business remains on your desired path, but when your business is in its infancy, they can help to crystallise your own vision for the future. These objectives are your measurable strides towards success and if well-chosen will serve you well as you move towards your long-term goals.

Making the most of support

With a third of all UK businesses based in the SouthEast, London-based SMEs have an unparalleled access to business support. Whilst it’s great to be ambitious, the guidance of a business expert will help you set achievable, realistic goals so that in five years’ time your business will still be going from strength to strength.

To ensure your business is getting the support that it needs to thrive, browse our programmes or contact our team and we'll help you find the most appropriate programme for you.