Increasing International Sales Through Student Consultancy

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Jemima Heard
3 min

Student consultancy has helped Altar's website to:

  • Appeal to international markets
  • Feature a new product
  • Showcase their credibility
  • Track website visitors.

Altar is a Tech for Good start-up on a mission to bring Precision Agriculture across the world. They were looking for support with promoting a new product to international markets.

Precision Agriculture is the latest revolution in farming. It makes farming practices more accurate and controlled, increasing efficiency and managing costs.

Smart technology inside farming equipment

Precision Agriculture helps farmers to maximise production and minimise agricultural impact through technology such as:

  • GPS guidance control systems
  • sensors
  • robotics and/or
  • autonomous vehicles.

With offices in London and Columbia, Altar needed a website that would appeal to international markets and help increase sales of their new product.

The Business's Experience

DeK linked Altar to Andriana Opinca, LSBU Marketing Master’s Student, for a 70-hour project. Andriana's job was to improve the usability of Altar's website and add functionality for a second language.

Andriana is in the last year of her Marketing MSc degree at LSBU. The course prepared her for her placement through modules on:

  • Creativity, Enterprise and Innovation
  • Marketing for SMEs, and
  • Cross-Cultural Consumer Behaviour.

Altar also benefitted from her previous professional experience, Spanish language skills, knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and Andriana's passion for sustainability.

Andriana's work gave Altar's website:

  • A more engaging UI (user interface) to help draw in visitors and increase the time spent on the site
  • References to partners and funders to help the business show their credibility and expertise
  • A new system for tracking website visits, which will help the business see what does and doesn't work for engaging their audience
  • Functionality for a second language, Spanish, to help the business appeal to customers in Columbia and the first South Americas.
Altar's new website in English
"This was a very dynamic, fast paced and interactive project. Andriana was very engaged and aligned with our mission." - Rafael Cepeda-Lopez
Altar's new website in Spanish

Why use the student consultancy service?

Our student consultants aren't only a spare pair of hands for your business. They help businesses to improve their processes and bring new products or services to market.

As post-graduates in their last year of study, they're experienced in their field. Their expertise helps businesses to complete specific projects that they may otherwise struggle to achieve on limited resources.

This expertise and the students' own backgrounds, hobbies, extra-curricular knowledge and interests help businesses to access new ideas, find innovative solutions and produce fit-for-purpose products.

"I loved working on a concrete task and seeing results after the work was done. Having something to work on and create gave me a boost of confidence and I learnt considerably more than if I would've read about something like this." - Andriana Opinca, Dek Student Consultant

Reaching potential with help from student consultancy

DeK's student consultants provide potential opportunities for individual team members in your business to 'act up' or take on a mentorship role - proven to be beneficial for corporate moral.  

DeK Student Consultants are also a fantastic way to find future graduates to join your team.  

Hiring someone who already knows your business, who has delivered work to the desired standard, and who connects with your mission is much safer than the gamble of regular recruitment.

In short - our student consultancy services can help your business to build capacity, achieve growth, and complete new, exciting projects.

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"The scheme allowed us to get fresh ideas and input from a current Masters' student. We now have a renovated website with more energy."
Rafael Cepeda-Lopez, director of Altar