Getting New Tea Lattes to Market with MyTEA

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Jemima Heard
4 minutes

We helped MyTEA to achieve: 

  • 4 new vegan teas taken to market
  • 3 weeks selling their product at Borough Market
  • Recognition as an innovation brand at YFood Expo, June 2019

MyTEA were looking for help getting their four vegan flavoured tea lattes ready for market.

We worked with MyTEA Chief Tea Officer, Tina Chen, to refine the tea flavours and ensure the Tea Lattes reached all legal food safety and labelling standards.

MyTEA produces natural, plant-based tea lattes that are real-brewed with Fairtrade tea leaves and organic ingredients.

We met Tina Chen, founder of MyTea in 2018, when she attended a London AgriFood Innovation Clinic Branding Workshop. Her product was a vegan ready-made iced tea, designed for the health-conscious consumer.

We linked Tina with LAFIC's Adri Bester, Senior Food Technologist at LSBU. A total of 22 hours was spent:

  • Training Tina to carry out Consumer Sensory Analyses activities, enabling her to derive the most appropriate recipe for her tea lattes;
  • Commissioning the appropriate laboratory tests for establishing legal shelf life;
  • Helping Tina ensure her teas are compliant with UK legal labelling information.

MyTEA also joined the LAFIC programme at a total of 24 hours. These networking and training events helped innovators like Tina learning skills in:

  • Business Model Canvas;
  • Branding;
  • Intellectual Property; and
  • Product Development.

The results:

  • MyTEA took 4 new vegan tea lattes to market in 2018;
  • MyTEA received their first retail order from a vegan café at Imperial College London. MyTEA is now available at Farmer's Markets around London and they are hoping to be available in Wholefoods and Selfridges shortly.
  • Tina has already hosted a Food Futures stall at Borough Market for one week in June 2019; She will also be hosting the LAFIC Food Futures stall two weeks in December 2019.
  • MyTEA recognised as an Innovation Brand at 2019's YFood Expo.

MyTEA have now rebranded as HumaniTEA following a successful crowdfunding campaign. Find out more and treat yourself to their delicious tea at