Consulting Gong on Fringe Technology for their Virtual Gong Baths

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Gong Baths are a type of sound meditation, usually requiring class attendees to lay on yoga mats with eyes shut as a trainer slowly strikes the large cymbal - the sound then 'washes' over the meditators, lulling them into a meditative state. Gong are a Gong Bath Meditation company that offer the experience all over London - and are now making the experience virtual with support from our ACE IT programme.

Watch the video below to find out how LSBU academic & ACE IT consultant, Adam Parkinson, is helping the Gong team to bring the virtual Gong Bath experience to life.

Are you looking to turn a physical experience into a virtual one in order to reach more customers and break the barriers of time and distance? ACE IT provides fully-funded support to businesses of any sector that are introducing immersive technology products, content or services into their businesses.

Find out more and apply at - Applications close on Sunday 12 December 2021, 23:59.

Image in this case-study is sourced from Unsplash.