Developing an App to Help Reduce Carbon Footprints

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Richard Howarth
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Sustainable Innovation are supporting the development of Climax Community's app through: 

  • Providing an LCLDN grant to cover some costs towards hiring a Head of R&D
  • Giving the organisation access to consultancy from LSBU Academic, Dr Deborah Andrews.

Climax Community is making it easier for businesses, local authorities and households to prioritise their carbon footprint through an online interactive platform.

UK start-up Climax Community has launched a software platform that uses data analytics to help users measure and manage their carbon footprint.

Climate action is at a tipping point, says founder Daniela Menzky. “There is increasing pressure from every corner to act in a more sustainable way. However, climate efforts are fragmented and not joined up.”

The first version of the Climate Essential platform will be launched with an initial target of signing up 20,000 households and 2000 businesses by the end of 2021.

Longer term, the plan is to launch in the European market to help reduce 107 million tonnes of CO2 emissions by 2025. The prototype platform is undergoing testing and feedback with alpha users ahead of going live in the second quarter of 2021.

By making Climate Essentials available to a specific,dedicated group of businesses and other stakeholders, Climax Community will be able to ensure it has developed a platform that has real value among companies and local authorities seeking to assess their carbon impact with the aim of reduction.

Through LSBU’s Sustainable Innovation initiative Climax Community is benefitting from the support from LSBU academic Deborah Andrews, who is providing advice on the life cycle of materials and behaviour change.

Andrews has also been offering advice on the app as it goes through the first few stages of piloting and development.

The start-up is also receiving a grant to cover 40% of the cost of hiring a head of research and development, to work on the app further, to help small businesses to assess their carbon footprint.

“We chose Climax Community to receive the LCLDN grant because we could see that this ambitious start-up had the ability to make a difference in the way businesses and local authorities prioritise their carbon impact.

“Martina and Daniela have been great to work with so far, they are both grafters with a big vision and we look forward to seeing the outcomes of this project,” says LSBU’s Sustainable Innovation Low Carbon London programme.

"There is increasing pressure from every corner to act in a more sustainable way."
- Daniela Menzky