CEDaCI Compass: Make better decisions about your data centre business

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Jemima Heard
2 Mins

CEDaCI Compass is a new online tool that will help you make more sustainable choices for your business' I.T. solutions.

The Data Centre Industry has grown rapidly and generates a large volume of eWaste / WEEE. The current infrastructure for dealing with this waste is underdeveloped and consequently, there is a real and urgent need to address this now.

South Bank Innovation's CEDaCI programme is building a pathway towards increased circularity for servers in the Data Centre Industry, reducing waste and limiting the resources required to manufacture new ICT, saving on associated environmental and social costs.

The CEDaCI Compass is an online tool designed to assist SMEs in I.T. decision making. The CEDaCI Programme are offering three one-hour long training sessions to educate SMEs on key Circular Economy of the Data Centre Industry issues, including instructions on how to use the Compass.

Watch their Compass Demonstration Video below and click here to join one of those sessions.

CEDaCI is match-funded by Interreg North West Europe. Find out more about the programme at CEDaCI.org.