ACE IT Member Bodyswaps raise £470k in seed funding

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Jemima Heard
2 Mins

South Bank Innovation are proud to have learnt that Bodyswaps have raised a massive £470k in seed funding.

Bodyswaps joined our ACE IT programme during its launch in 2019. They have benefitted from collaboration with experts and academics from our ACE IT partner, London College of Communications, UAL.

Bodyswaps are using VR & AI to empower learners to practise and develop their soft skills - the skills that define how you work, such as time management, networking and creative thinking - through empathy and self-reflection.

The Training and Development industry is currently one of the largest adopters of immersive tech, with evidence showing that VR-based programmes can reduce training time by 40% and improve employee performance by 70%.

Watch the video below to find out how the ACE IT programme have helped Bodyswaps.

Find out more about Bodyswaps via their website.

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Main image on this article belongs to Bodyswaps.