3 Things Learnt: New Scientist Live

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Richard Howarth
3 Mins

We recently exhibited at New Scientist Live 2019 and we’d like to share a few of our observations from the UK's largest event for science lovers.

1. A Young Audience

Although the event website and exhibitor guide state that New Scientist Live is for people of all ages, it was clear from the outset that a large proportion of the audience were children. On the Thursday and Friday there we numerous school parties and tours, and on the weekend families and groups of teens. It was heartening to see younger generations with a clear passion for innovative science and engineering – there may even have been the next climate change innovator in the audience, just a few years (and an ERDF-funded support programme) away from changing the world.

2. Variety of Innovators

There is always going to be a range of exhibitors and speakers at an event of this size, but I think the sheer scale of it was something that we had underestimated. The UK has always been a world-leader in terms of STEM innovation but seeing, and interacting, with it was something to behold: from tractors and combine harvesters, to aerospace, biochemical, food, entertainment and climate change pioneers – there was something to capture the attention and imagination of everyone.

3. Investors

Within the crowd, amongst the swathes of families, school trips and lone science enthusiasts……are the investors. Lurking, searching, just waiting for the next opportunity to capitalise on. With such a variety of innovation on offer, it was inevitable that there would be representatives from various areas of investment trying to find something that they could take on. And though we weren’t there for that purpose, if you were an SME and had an innovative product or idea, New Scientist Live seemed like it could be a fruitful place to make the right connections.

We're not sure whether we'll exhibit at next year's New Scientist Live, but it's certainly a fantastic event for anybody that wants to be inspired by the great work being done in the UK - and around the world - to improve our daily lives.