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DeK Growth

< 40m
Max. Employees
< 250


deK Growth supports small business owners in London to gain the knowledge and skills necessary to start growing their business.

Why it's exciting

No matter which sector your business serves, deK will give you access to business advisors and industry experts. You'll gain the ability to access a large range of workshops and masterclasses. You will join a community of like-minded people and begin the path towards upscaling and future-proofing.

Where you need to be

Your business is young, but you're ready to move to the next stage: Growth. Your revenues and customers are increasing and you're coming across new opportunities, but could use a little support accessing resources to help. You've got a great routine going, but are itching for a change-up. It's time to start thinking about sustainability and future-proofing.

DeK Growth offers a range of options for small businesses of all shapes, at any stage of the development journey.

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