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Cohort 2 - 2022

Breaking the barriers to immersive development

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Our cohort structure provides businesses the access to the expertise, facilities and support they require to succeed. Participants get the appropriate service for their stage of development.

The fixed timeline enables SMEs to understand what they will receive, what is required of them, and what progress they will have made upon completion.

Product & Service Development

Prototyping is an essential element of taking a product to market, and is fundamental to your journey as an innovator.

We can support the development of your existing prototype or Minimal Viable Product (MVP).

Our prototype modelling process is unique to the local product design landscape. You'll receive expert advice on the development of your product, for free, and keep 100% of the IP.

Product and User Testing

With access to our specialist facilities and immersive equipment you can both product and user test to ensure commercial viability.

Generate data sets and gain analysis for informed decision making in development
Ensure product quality and reliability
Equip yourself ready for investors
Gain insight to support your iterative development process


You will have received bespoke consultancy and development support to take your unique product or service to the next level.

You will have had an opportunity to work with experts and students to develop or trial your product or service.

Consultancy through our Cohort is delivered online. We’ll invite you in to our Studios where product and user testing is required.

Not only was the product improvement support great, but we also benefitted by meeting other founders through the ACE IT project. This has enabled us to share learning and collaborate on common challenges.

Alivein Tech came to ACE IT with a basic product, in need of user testing. We helped them to refine the product and leave with an improved and more comprehensive offer.

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Mobile phone showing a room and a augmented reality chair
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how we help
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Supporting you
through the pandemic

We've set up new processes and procedures to ensure you're safe. We've also moved much of our support online.

Shorter Sessions

We understand the issues of webinar-fatigue, that's why we've shortened our sessions to ensure you get the same content in less time.

Frequent Contact

We provide regular contact and feedback sessions so that you can consistently progress despite Covid-19.

Research & Development

Research and development projects are still proceeding in a Covid-safe environment.

For every stage of development

We help traditional businesses adapt to immersive tech in incremental steps - and for immersive and creative businesses to make great leaps.

Understand the landscape

Adapt to the "new normal" with simple immersive options for all businesses.

Remove the Brexit barriers

Expand your reach and access your customer in their home, wherever they are.

User testing

Shape your product with feedback from experts and your potential customer.

Improve yourself

Our workshops and consultancy help refine the business leader as well as the product.

Be bold

Our free support enables business to take risks without any consequences.

Get investment ready

Scale faster and safer with free access to research and development.

News & Case Studies

ACE IT has supported a number of businesses to date. Take a look and see what ACE IT has to offer.

Are you ready?

We'll provide the access, expertise and time you need to progress. All you have to do is choose the support you want.
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Speak to the team

Still not sure? Our team can help you decide.

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Get the right support for you.